Birthday Layouts


After getting completely frustrated at having fallen so far behind in scrapbooking chronologically that I would never catch up, I finally latched on to a different way of scrapbooking–themes and small books.  It is so satisfying to actually complete a book.  So far I’ve scrapbooked a 12×12 of Christmas (last 15 years), and Fall (12 years).  I’m almost done with my most recent project, a birthday book. 

     Since I was in the middle of this book when I began getting serious about digital scrapbooking, the book is a mix of traditional and printed digital.  In the future, I think I will move away from the 12×12 books, because they are kid of awkward for the kids to hold and read.  I may try to print in 8×8. I’ve posted a few of my birthday pages and wanted to post a few more. steffis-1st-bd-04-copy I really love this layout for Steffi’s first birthday.  We really didn’t do much other than go to a Chinese restaurant after church.  I’d just been home one week from China and had spent most of the week grading finals.   That evening,  one of my MOPS friends sent pizza over for a meal and we called in our neighbor kids to sing “Happy Birthday and celebrate with Christmas cookies.  It isn’t easy having a December birthday!

 Of course, Steffi is not the only one with a December birthday.  Brendan and Mollie do too, and Sophie’s birthday is in November.  Last year, I had four parties and was so tired out by poor Steffi’s that I hardly had the energy to enjoy hers.  This year we combined Sophie’s and Mollie’s and I had a small party for Steffi with just three friends.  These are the layouts for Sophie and Mollie:3-girls-american-dolls-08-copy
















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