Grass of the field


        Today, we went to the Chinese New Year celebration for our Family with Children from China group.  Everyone had a wonderful time.  Blessings.

   While we were there, Maggie was at a regional choir competition.  She was competing for one of 25 alto spots out of 160 girls.  For weeks, we’ve been listening to her practice her four songs, one of which is in Latin and another in French.  When I tell you that 5 year old Steffi is now singing in Latin while she plays with her Legos, it might give you an idea of how much practicing we’ve heard her do.  However, when I went to pick her up, she told me she hadn’t done very well because she had been so nervous.  “I didn’t make it this year, ” she said, “but I will have a better chance in eighth grade.” Perserverence.

    Heading home in the car, Chris got a call.  His mother was being taken to the ER because of dehydration.  As soon as we got home, he went to see her.  Her body systems were starting to shut down but they had gotten fluids into her.   Unexpected troubles.

    Right before dinner, Maggie got a call.  After being quite prepared for the worst, she found out that she had been chosen after all to be part of the regional choir.  Unexpected grace.

    Our neighbor came over while his kids were playing at my house.  He is one of the leaders of a small Chinese church and as we were talking, he told me that he was going to preach tomorrow for the first time.  He is preaching on Grace and asked for us to pray he had some on his sermon.  He and his wife have poured themselves out in ministry through the church.  Steadfast service.

     Returning to the hospital tonight, Christopher discovered that his mother’s condition was much worse.  The nurse said she may not make it through the night.  While we knew she had been declining recently, we had no idea the end might come so quickly.  Grass of the field.

    I just got a call from Christopher.  They think his mother will live through the night.  He is coming home for some sleep.  Rest.

We are only grass in the field, here for such a brief moment in time.    We really shouldn’t worry about tomorrow because truly each day does have enough trouble of its own.


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