sophie-and-mollie-at-7-sunglasses-sisters-copy Today, I finally admitted that I was sick and needed to see the doctor.   She barely looked a me before she was ready to hand over the antibiotics.  You come in every year at this time.  That is true.  Today it was a sinus infection, sometimes it is bronchitis.  Twice it was pneumonia.  I really don’t like to be sick.  I like to push past discomfort.  But sometimes, it is not bad to slow down.  My friend Rhonda has been sick for over a year now and she is finding grace in slowing down.  Grace in being forced to cherish the moments she has energy to do something.  Each day is a gift.  Sometimes I’m so busy unwrapping the present that I don’t look inside. 

     My kids are my very best presents.  It has been my goal to enjoy each stage and to not hurry along so much that I can’t spend time with them, and spend time noticing the small things they do.  Mollie and Sophie are always in the middle of an imaginary game.  “Let’s say you are a horse, and I am your owner.”  “Let’s pretend you are a princess and I am your servant.  No, let’s pretend we are both princesses and we are dressing up for a big party.  I’m wearing blue and you are wearing purple.”  On and on it goes all day long.   Sometimes, I wish that I had grown up with a sister like that, someone who was always a best friend and always wanted to play the games I wanted to play.  Maggie and Brendan and Steffi don’t have that sort of friendship in the family, but somehow everyone gains from the twins.   Everyone learns more about how to get along and their placid ability to compromise and make things work helps all of us.  I am indeed very blessed.


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  1. I love this…” Each day is a gift. Sometimes I’m so busy unwrapping the present that I don’t look inside. ” May I quote you?

    Love your blog. I’ll be praying for your life decisions right now. I can’t imagine.

  2. I love this “Each day is a gift. Sometimes I’m so busy unwrapping the present that I don’t look inside.” May I quote you?

    Praying for your life decisions.

  3. Hi Jackie! You certainly may quote me! I’m very flattered. You are not going to believe this, but as I was waiting for my computer to warm up, I was looking through my notebook and had just seen your address that I had jotted down to get your Christmas letter off to the right place. I certainly think that our trip to China as a group was one of the very best presents God ever gave me. I have our picture os the girls on my board in front of the computer and I think about how beautiful they are, and how blessed we are to get a chance to see all of them grow up. Love–Virginia

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