Our Lego Man



   We love Legoland.  My mom lives about 10 minutes from there, so we have visited often.   A month or so ago, we played a family game where each person had to give a clue about some park attraction and everyone else had to guess what they were thinking about.  Which ride is across from the Dinosaur Ride? (anwer: Safari Ride).  What section of the park sells Granny Smith fried apples? (answer: the Castle).  Which rides have airplane themes? (answer: the Helicopter, The small airplanes in Fun town and the new airplane ride in the Indiana Jones section).  Maybe we’ve been there too often.

     We took Brendan to Legoland for the first time when he was 3 years old.  Chris was at a conference, so I went with my dad and Maggie.  All I remember about that trip is waiting forever for the sky ride and wondering if Brendan was going to make it without too many meltdowns.  Since then, we’ve learned that the sky ride is probably the longest line in the whole park no matter when you go.  We’ve also learned that the best time for rides is the first hour of the morning and the last hour before closing.  Maybe we have been there too often.

     Since his first trip, Brendan has definitely matured into a major Lego fan.  He knows about all the different sets each year and can tell me what year a set was produced.  He can tell at a glance at the Lego sets at Toys R Us which ones might be on sale, since he knows which ones are “old” sets.  He loves a bargin, and actually will rarely purchase a set that isn’t at least 30% off, preferably more than 50%.

    I love this layout of Brendan as our Lego Man.  At 11, he is still a boy:  enthusiastic, optimistic, energetic and playful.  I love my Lego Man.


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