Not Quite a Giant


    steffi-i-dont-take-naps-copy Steffi is so small.  At five she is just barely over 30 pounds and three feet high.  Some people make up for their small size by being aggressive or loud.  Steffi chooses a different route.  She works hard, focuses on her task, and never gives up. 

     Today, we went back to the lake nature trail and, contrary to my previous resolution in a January post to not take any of the kids bike riding on this trail, I let her bring her 13″ wheeler (which Christopher informs me has been ridden so much it needs new tires).  She pedaled fiercely down the path, but not without noticing the roots in the way.  She stopped an walked her bike up and down the trails that were too tough. 

      Watching her on one particular slope, when she was trying to pull the bike over a root and her feet were sliding on the sand, I realized that it isn’t easy being small.  The bike or the dog is almost heavier than Steffi and in spite of her excellent athletic abilities and fierce determination, her physical size makes some things impossible.  Since I have always been tall and reached my current height of 5’9″ at 11, I never have to think bout not being able to do something because I can’t reach it ,or it is too heavy.  I’ve done all sorts of hard labor like move furniture, shovel tons of manure, and helped my husband move railroad ties (the last two while 7 months pregnant!). 

            Twice recently, small elderly women have asked me to get things for them from high shelves at the grocery store.  I was happy to do that, but rather surprised.  I had never thought about the problems it would cause to not be able to reach the top shelves.  Since I’m a rather timid person about those sorts of things,  I can imagine that I if I were short, would just learn to live with whatever I could reach on the bottom shelves.

      Steffi doesn’t think she can’t do things, so she tries things I would never have believed she could do.  I think that I would like to have a bit more of her perspective, so that problems which seem like giants to me become something I just start working on, knowing that God will help me over the knots in the path as they come.


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