Fossil Hunting



Here is my first layout done entirely using papers I made myself from photos.  I spent a lot of time trying to make templates from the rock photos and managed to make some blue, green and pink rock-like papers, but for the layout of our fossil hunting trip, brown rocks fit best.   We had a wonderful time on this mini-vacation as we spent the day driving around our lake and looking for things.   We’ve heard about fossil hunting at the base of the dam for ten years, but had never found the spot before.  Our newest family hobby is to look for piles of rocks that are dumped as fill dirt.  We almost always find some sort of fossils.  However, the best benefit of this sort of hobby is that everyone can get involved in looking around for things outside and in helping one another.  Sophie, Mollie and Steffi spent much of the day collecting seeds and playing imaginary games with rocks.  Brendan enjoyed the opportunity to get his shoes in the mud; for once, he avoided getting other parts of his body in the muck.  He also enjoyed looking for fossils, but Maggie and Christopher were the best searchers.  I looked too, but I enjoyed just looking around and taking photos even more.  Looking at the massive stones lining the dam and the huge concrete structure holding back all that water, I was amazed at the engineering of it all.  Yet, the fossils themselves are even more amazing.   How strange it is to live on what was for so many millions of years an ocean.  Everywhere we go there are fossils of oysters.  The length of time the earth has been here is something I can not bring my mind to fully understand.  All of us, the entire human race, live in such a short breath of time.  Yet the Lord of all the Universe came down to be one of us, and tells us he loves us.  Amazing Grace.


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