China Adoption Friends


2008-606.Steffi was adopted with eight other girls from the same orphanage.  We’ve kept in touch as the girls have grown up and try to take group photos at least every other year.  We love these China friends.  I’ve written some poems about the girls published on hubpages:


Here they are in China.  Steffi is third from the left, wearing a the dazed look and a red sweater.


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  1. I am so excited and interested to learn more about this process! I think that adoptions from other countries are a must in the world today, and I think so highly of you for doing it! Some of my dad’s high school friends adopted a daughter from China, and my family gets the opportunity to see her a few times! Honestly, since I’ve heard how much devastation these orphans have been through, I have wanted to adopt a few kids from around the world. China, Africa, really anywhere, but the fact that I know someone that I will see a few times a week makes me even more excited to learn more about the journey! I feel that God is really calling us to take in these kids as our own and help them out and love on them when they need it the most. So I cannot wait to talk to you more about it!

  2. Corrie–I’m so glad to hear you are interested in adoption too. I think that Christians have an obligation to help those who are the most helpless, but my husband and I have also found that the greatest blessings we could ever have come through being given the gift of these children in our lives.

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