Sofa in the Hallway


img_2739Generally, most people don’t put a sofa in their hallway.  It wasn’t exactly our plan either.  We purchased this sofa with the intention of putting it in our master bedroom.  Then the movers came and attempted to put it there.  This is the result.  We can’t move it in.  We can’t move it out.  The mover said, “Um, I’m not an expert in sofas.  I do dining room tables.  I’ll just leave it here and call the sofa guy to come on over.  That seemed reasonable at the time.  Three hours later the sofa guy had not yet arrived.  I phone.  The salesman says he’ll call me back.  He calls me back and says the guys will come and bring it back to the warehouse until the sofa guy can bring it.  He calls me back again.  Their truck isn’t working.  How about waiting until Friday?  Friday?  This is Tuesday.  He said they’ll give us $200 credit for the inconvenience. 

    I actually thought we’d be able to move the thing out and put it in the living room or something.  It didn’t seem like it would be that inconvenient.  I guess I was wrong. 

      Chris actually managed to move the sofa over to our bedroom door so he could try it out with his office chair as a footstool.  He says it is comfy.  It was a good choice for the bedroom.  It is, however, not in the bedroom at the present time.  Check back and I’ll let you know if it makes it there on Friday.


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