The Woman to Come


our-singer-maggie-copyI’m learning something.  Some times when I’m not satisfied with a layout, the problem is the background paper.  A quick switch of papers can change everything.  That is what happened with this layout.  I tried to incorporate the red of Maggie’s dress with the other colors the rest of us were wearing.  When I switched to this all red and white paper, I knew it was better, but I had to get rid of the other colors.  I duplicated the picture layer,made the bottom picture B & W, then erased the rest of the family on the colored layer, leaving just Maggie in red.  I like how it turned out.

     Maggie is having lots of opportunities to shine this year.  I had to work to convince her to try out for this Region 12 choir, but once she decided she had a chance, she really practiced hard and discovered how much she enjoyed singing.  However, when I picked her up after her try-out, she felt she had done terribly.  Yet she did not talk about giving up.  Instead, she said she knew she’d have a better chance next year.  Score one for mom.

     So we were very surprised to learn that evening that she had made the choir after all.  She dedicated herself with renewed enthusiasm to getting ready for the performance.   I think I can say the whole family participated in learning the songs along with Maggie.  In fact, our family memorizer, 5 year old Steffi, began singing in Latin while playing matchbox cars.     

     Because Maggie is known as a girl who reads books and wears jeans and T-shirts, her friends decided to spruce her up with a new hairdo.  We enjoyed watching her sing hear heart at the concert.  She seemed to enjoy the attention and being pretty. 

     This week, she has been in a Region 12 science fair.  This time, her friends straightened her hair and corrected her fashion sense.  Would she have listened to her mother if I had told her that she shouldn’t wear socks with dress shoes?  Listening to her tell the tale of her day, I could see she enjoyed having some of the boys she’s known since she was a preschooler notice she was wearing a dress and looking pretty.  For a moment, as she tossed her newly straightened hair and laughed, I had a glimpse of the woman to come.  I think I like her.


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  1. Virginia,

    If you need any help at all, let me know. I can provide distraction for the girls or food for you guys…whatever you need.


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