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our-twins-at-one-copyI’m learning how to make my own digital scrapbooking elements.  I made these frames and the rose/ivy corner piece.  I was going to make a quick page, but realized that by making the rose/frame template instead that I could then put different papers in the background. I’d like to try a pink or a blue or maybe a white.  However, I have not yet learned how to upload them so that I can offer them as freebees. I’m working on it.

Yesterday, I was at the store and glanced through a scrapbooking magazine.  Much of the issue was about organizing your supplies.  I suddenly felt very free.  Although I still have quite a few supplies and I still do like to papercraft, I am finding digital scrapbooking to be so much easier and more fulfilling.  I especially like the fact that there is no mess to put away and that all my pictures are available all the time.  I’m certainly finding that I do layouts of recent events more easily, and I love the fact that I can totally re-do a layout by changing the backround paper.  At first, I thought I would really miss the dimensional elements, but I’m finding that the depth of interesting overlays you can get in digital is more interesting to me.   However, perhaps the most important lure of digital scrapbooking is that you can shop for free.  There are freebees all over the place and all you have to do is download them.  While I actually have bought a few items now, most of my stash has been for free.  And since it sits on my computer (or on a single disk) it is not only free, but doesn’t take up much room!  I did have to spend a couple of hours setting up an organizing system, but now when I download it is easy to put things in place. 

Here are some of the sites I’ve found are most helpful:

For links to a lot of gre at freebies–especially templates (thanks to JoAnn for this one):

The Ultimate link to digital freebies:

Some very nice designs and some beautiful freebees:

This photo printer does a great job and the prices are much more reasonable for 12×12 or other sizes than other places.  Best of all is that shipping is just $2.00 no matter what size the order

For photo books, I have tried out Shutterfly, Winkflash and Piccaboo.  The Piccaboo book is gorgeous but you need to go for hardcover, the softcover was just too flimsy although the pages are beautiful.  Piccaboo does have a lot of wonderful papers to work with and a good variety of page types.  Winkflash was too slow and complicated to use–I ended up abandoning my project there.  Shutterfly is probably the best for good quality, a variety of styles but also making it easy. You can follow their templates or make up your own book on Adobe and upload it.

One final site is Smilebox–which is so easy that my girls make their own scrapbooks using it.  If you want to print, you do have to join, but you can make them for free and email them to others.  They now let you make DVD of your pages that you can play on your TV.  I am in the process of making a slideshow of 2008 that we can view that way.  By the way, Smilebox isn’t just for scrapbooking.  You can also do slideshows (with captions), invitations and e-cards–all with photos.  Try them!


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  1. I have been trying to learn how to make my own elements and papers. Did you go to a website and look at tutorials of figured it out yourself?

  2. I have looked at some websites but mostly I figured this out myself. I may not be doing this the right way, but I thought I would probably learn more by just trying something out. So far, I’m just working with photos and scans of objects–nothing I’ve drawn or anything. I think I’ll make some posts about this, but basically, I took photos using a white backround around the flower or else scanned what I wanted. Then I used the magic extractor in Photoshop Elements 6 to take out the part of the picture I didn’t want. Then I fiddled around with the filters to get different effects/colors. I really don’t know much about this yet, so I’m just experimenting. To make the rose/ivy edge, I actually used just one large rose, one bud and one piece of ivy. I just duplicated them over and over and reversed or skewed them left and right. Then I placed them where I wanted them and finally merged them together. The same for the frame. It is really fun. I did make some papers too by taking photos of rocks. I tried coloring them with overlays but I’m not sure I like that. Thanks for asking! Please let me know any websiste tutorials you find!

  3. Hi There, i love the rose templates !! Can i know where you downloaded it ?
    can u send me the rose template, i would like to do a invitation card, Thx

    God Bless !

  4. I actually made those myself and plan to put them on as a freebee at some point when I get the time to figure out how!

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