A good job


silly-daddy-copyI couldn’t decide what papers to use on this layout.  The pictures were mostly neutral, so I decided to leave them in color.  I think that doing layouts with men as the main point are more difficult than doing girl or even younger boy layouts.  I had tried browns, but everything looked too washed out.  Neutrals are not my usual style anyway.  I tend to like bold colors.  So I went with blue brown, then blue and green, but nothing seemed to work quite right until I tried this mostly monochromatic blue layout (with brown borders).  I like the final result. 

My husband is a great dad.  He plays such wonderful games with the kids.  I love the way he invents games and just plays along with them.   I love the pictures for this layout when he was playing horsey with the kids.  He has had all of them ride on his back until his back couldn’t take it any more!  Steffi will get to ride the longest, since at 5 she is just barely 30 lbs.  Christopher has invented a lot of games to play with the kids, along with playing the traditional games like hide and seek and tag.  They play a game called aquarium, and he invented a new one called octopus just the other day.

I’m better at organizing activities and teaching the kids to do things. Right now, I’m teaching Sophie to cook.  She made brownies and a cake and frosted them both.  Then she made some banana muffins. We served the brownies last night as dessert when friends came over for dinner.  We’ve been snacking on the muffins all day.  However, it was the cake she especially wanted to make.  She wanted to make something to take to the people who work at the nursing home.  Today, she went with Christopher to deliver it.  He said the nurses were wonderful to thank her and praise her for such a good job.  She always gives a shy smile.  Giving gifts is Sophie’s gift.  I realize we need to encourage it and help her to exercise that gift, so that she doesn’t lose the desire to continue to bless others. 

I’m realizing that my job is to help each member of the family to exercise their particular gift.  That means I need to allow my husband time to play (even if it is past bedtime), and my kids time to make things (even if they are messy and don’t always finish the task well).  I’m the coach, encourager, housekeeper and helper.  It is a good job.


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