Herbie at Walmart


Herbie at WalmartOne day last summer, the kids went to a movie day at church.  They ate pizza and popcorn and watched “Herbie Rides Again.”  They had a great time.  I picked them up and we headed to Walmart to pick up a couple of things before going home.  We parked in our usual spot on the side.  There was Herbie, big as life.  We couldn’t believe it.  I haven’t seen this art car at any other time around town.  What a perfectly magical moment.

Our potential art car, the Previa, has found a new home (probably at the salvage yard).  Christopher decided to trade it in for a Honda Civic.  They were going to give him $900, and were urging him to try to sell it on his own for more.  After they looked at the car, however.  they lowered the offer to $500 and Chris was glad he didn’t have to risk driving it home–it looks like it might not have made it!  (His blog post on the Previa at Sacred Day tells the whole story) So, we drove that car until its last exhaust sputter.  Almost 200,000 miles.  We will miss the art car, but a Civic is nice too.  I told Christopher I’d try to photoshop the Previa into everything we imagined it could be.  However, perhaps like many things, it will survive mainly as a wonderful memory.


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