Visitors in my Garden



We love living in a place that has so much wildlife living all around us.  There is a creek across the street and lots of trees.  We live in an old neighborhood, but it is on gentle hills and the wild animals still seem to find ways to make this their home too.

I wanted to remember some of our visitors last year in this layout.  Along with these, we’ve seen skunks, raccoons, armadillos, warblers, robins, cardinals, mockingbirds, blue jays, chickadees, road runners, hummingbirds (Anna’s and black-chinned mostly), Coopers Hawks, vultures, stick insects, hibernating ladybug groups, katydids, Hawk Moths (and grubs), skinks, Virginia snakes, corn snakes, geckos, anoles andmany more insects and birds.  Once, Christopher did a research project using butterflies.  We went up to Davy Crocket state park (3 hrs.) to catch some.  In the end, we caught more varieties in our own backyard.  Since we are at the top of a hill, the butterflies and birds tend to fly right past us and into our garden.  In 2008 the migrating monarchs were especially spectacular.  For weeks, we would have 8 to 15 in our yard all day long.  Christopher has done a wonderful job of planting different flowers to attract birds and butterflies.

He has also done a great job at teaching our kids to identify plants, insects, animals and birds.  Even Steffi knows the difference between an anole and a gecko, not to mentions plenty of plants and insects.  I’ve always been interested in nature,but my husband has stimulated me to see more and investigate more deeply.  One of the best parts of marriage is being able to learn and experience things that you would not have on your own.  I need to remember that the next time Christopher calls me away from my computer to “come outside!”

(I’m going to try to list what I use in my layouts.  This layout uses: Quickpage by Claudi Designs, frames by BHA and Claudi, alphas by digitreats)


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  1. how in the world did you get the picture of a possum. Those things are not fun. I found one in our house once. That was one of the scariest things ever. my goodness.

  2. I think my husband took that photo. Our dog actually found the possum in the yard several times. My husband went out to see it and thought the dog had killed it! Of course it was just “playing possum.” When we shined a flashlight on it, it stood still for this photo. I can’t imagine having one in the house! I imagine they would be pretty fierce.

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