St. Patrick’s Shindig



When In got home from the Y, the family was in the midst of a St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  Dancing their hearts out and making music with anything they could lay their hands on.  Of course they were actually playing to salsa music, as usual, and
Christopher was on the congas, but who am I to be culture police?  I’m not Irish anyway, I’m Scottish.  My part in celebrating the day was making corned beef and oatmeal scones.  I tried Irish Soda bread last year, but that was pretty terrible.  The Irish can dance, not cook.  I thought about cabbage, but I’m the only one that would eat that.  
Here’s to the Irish!

P.S.  I found out later,my sister-in-law Caroline won the St. Patrick’s day dress up at the college she and my brother work at.  Go Caroline!

(Layout uses Alpha template from Scrapgirls and some wonderful papers I found from Scrappycats during the sugarshop group freebee exchange–I absolutely love these papers, they are so vibrant–I used them on the Legoman layout also)


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