Last Reader



Journaling: Lately, Steffi has been making signs to put around the house.  The first one she made was “EILLU.” She excitedly gave it to me and told me to put in on the wall.  “Read it!” she exclaimed, “It says ‘I Love You!”  Suddenly, letters have become words for her and I find scraps of paper with “CAT” and “Jesus” on them.  All of our kids love books and love reading.  Steffi is the last one to start taking steps in learning to make words her friend and companion.  I am so proud.  I’m also a little sad. I will miss my last preschooler.

Notes on Layout:  I did something very different in making this layout.  I put the pictures on the page first, then wrote the title and finally chose my papers for the background, frames and accent.  Then I added the button frame, journaling and viola.  This method made the page come together very quickly.  I like the way the purple paper holds the pictures together and the fact that only the middle picture is in color.  I re-colored the “favorite things quote” by using the photographic effects style button (it was originally yellow).  The papers are from Scrapgirls–the the background stripes is from the Refresh line which is a freebee, the pink paper frame is from the Pretty Primavera line.  I couldn’t find a green paper I liked, so I made the green one myself. The bottom quote was a Scrapgirls Christmas freebee.  The button frame is a SBE Sweet Country  freebee from  The viola and leaves are elements I made myself.  I took a bunch of pictures of the spring flowers in our garden, so I hope to make more elements.  I put a piece of white cloth in the background when I took the picture.  This viola was very small–maybe less than an inch–so the picture is not a sharp as with bigger flowers.  I did use the macro control.  I took the picture into photoshop elements and used the magic extractor.  It worked really well.  I cleaned up with the eraser and then did some touch ups with the cloning tool.  I liked using the violas from our garden because everyone in our family has a special flower and viola/pansy is Steffi’s.


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