Even though three of my girls sleep together every night in the same room, my kids are always begging to have “sleepovers,” which means either more kids in the room, a new sleeping location, or both.  Brendan organized this family sleepover on the couches in the living room.  He’s a great brother.  The girls brought the blankets, he brought the Bionicles.  They played and had a great time.

(layout:  There were a lot of different colors in the papers,so I thought about turning them to black and white, but then decided to try using these wild papers I got in the freebie Sugarshoppe exchange.  They are from the Super Special Spice Sugar shoppe.  They are wild and I initially was using  just green and blue papers but it really didn’t work.  I tried different circle outlines, and then finally dropped in the pink and yellow paper and that pulled things together better.  Then I went back to the circles and put in the plastic effect on them in different colors.  I love how they pop out.  I used it on the word also.  Such a simple layout, but it took me a while because I couldn’t decide what to do about the papers.  The template 157 is from Dittersdoodles

 I wanted a fourth picture, so I copied one of the circle templates and frames and used that.  I’m learning how I can change templates to work better for me.)


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