Beaded Key Chain or Bookmark


img_3076Terrible pictures–I’ll try to get some better ones, but I wanted to put in something. I was asked to do a beaded key chain craft for our MOPS group this year.  As I was working on developing that craft, I came up with the book mark also.  I really love these book marks because they don’t fall out of the book.  They also look very beautiful.  This is another craft I couldn’t really find on the internet, so I’m posting the instructions here for other people.


Beaded Keychain or Bookmark


Thin hemp like string

Glass beads

Keychain ring

Clear nail polish



Instructions for Keychain:

  1. Take the string and fold in half.  Put the loop through the keychain ring and open it up to bring the two ends through.  Pull tight.
  2. Put beads on each side of the string.  You will want a couple of small beads at the top of each side.  Then alternate small and large beads until the chain is as long as you want (3 inches is about right).
  3. Tie the ends of each strand in a double or triple knot. Put a small drop of clear nail polish on each knot to hold it.


Instructions for Bookmark

  1. Decide how big you want the middle part to be.  For a large Bible or hardcover books 9” is best.  Smaller books are closer to 6-7”.  Tie a double knot on each side of the middle marker part.
  2. Put beads on one side of the string.  It usually works best to alternate small beads with larger ones.  Put the largest bead at the end. 
  3. Tie with a double or triple knot so last bead can’t fall off.  Put a small drop of clear nail polish on knot to hold it.


Note:  If you are having trouble putting the beads on the string, try cutting the string or putting nail polish on the end and letting it dry.



3 responses »

  1. Thank you so much for details on lunch bag scrapbook. I made my first tonight and I LOVE it!. I referred your site to my other crafty friends.

  2. So glad you like my crafts. I just love coming up with new ideas. I’m actually launching an Etsy store now and will make a post for it when I get more things listed.

  3. I think the instructions for the bookmark are very easy and accessible to follow. I remember when I was in lower school I made them for my teacher’s Christmas gifts. I highly recommend this for any age or gender because who doesn’t need a bookmark?

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