Piano Lessons on the Computer



No, he doesn’t play guitar hero.  He actually has learned to play classical guitar in his 5th Grade music rotation.  Steffi and I want to watch Brendan at his class performance.  I was very impressed at how much he had learned in five weeks.  Because he has been learning to read music and play piano over the past three years, he said that learning to play the guitar was easier.  He was given the xylophone part on one song because of learning how to play in his elementary school music program.  We are incredibly blessed to have such an excellent music program in our school district.  Much of what makes it so good is some very dedicated and caring teachers who have poured themselves into this job and worked hard to find ways for all of the children to participate and learn.

Our kids have used computer software to learn to play the piano, the guitar and drums.  I write a review of the programs we’ve used and about our experience in teaching music using computer programs here:



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  1. I actually started the post planning to just talk about his guitar concert–but then I thought that maybe the piano information might help someone. It was my husband’s idea and has worked far better than I would have imagined. However, I did have to put up with the kids not wanting to do it. We actually bribed them for a while with money or treats for doing the work–we have sometimes done that to get into a habit with something new. There are a lot of programs you can use to do this–my husband did all the research. I may post more later.

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