Hummer Girl


our-hummer-girl-copySteffi loves Hummers.  Now the whole family has gotten into calling out Hummers as they drive by.  We know most of the ones in town and lately, I’ve noticed a lot of new Hummers.  They must be having a fire sale at the dealerships.  On the way back from San Antonio, we stopped at the Hummer dealer.  Although the salesman tried to reassure me that Hummers will be back into production in 2010, I have my doubts that we will have a lot more opportunities to visit a Hummer lot.  I was amused to note that the H3 labels said the EPA estimate was 13-18 MPG; however, the H2 didn’t even try.  As you can see in the layout, the EPA estimate “does not apply to this vehicle.”  Translation, “if you really want to know the MPG, you’ve got the wrong car.”  I just loved this yellow H2.  It was for sale at $37,000 as a used vehicle, and the scratches in the paint indicated it had, in fact, been used.  Steffi seems to like the dark grey Hummers best.   Frankly, even if Hummers are still around when Steffi starts driving in 2020, I rather doubt she would ever be able to reach the pedals, or see over the hood of the car.  A girl can still dream though.  I’ve noticed a lot of pretty blonde women drive Hummers. I had imagined that their husbands bought them but they had to drive them because they didn’t want to take them to work.  However, I just met a woman whose sister bought one for herself.  Maybe Steffi isn’t the only girl with a dream.

(Layout:  template is a freebee can be found at:

 I went to find it and saw it was the first template offered by this blogger.  I like it.  She has a lot of other freebees too.  The yellow and blue paper were colors I painted in by picking them from the photo.  The template had mats around the photos but I deleted those and just put in the blue paper on top in the background and the yellow on the bottom. )


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