“Our Place”



When we were dating, we would eat at Denny fairly frequently.  Once Christopher said, “Maybe Denny’s should be ‘Our Place’.” 

My answer was pretty quick, “Denny’s is NOT going to be ‘Our Place’.” 

Instead, I was picturing white tablecloths, French food, waiters in tuxedos, real flowers, and maybe an ocean view.

I should have stuck with Denny’s.  Reality sunk in pretty quick.  Or maybe I should say real life.  We’ve rarely eaten at nice places unless someone else took us there.  Frankly, we are really too cheap to spend more than a few bucks on a meal.    Furthermore, of course, those kids started coming after a couple of years.  Kids who liked to spend most of their restaurant time crying, under the table, or throwing things under the table (at least my first two were like that).  It didn’t take long before we  stopped going to any place that didn’t have a playland.

If any place became ours, it was CiCi’s.  For quite a while, we could feed our crew for about $10.  As we’ve grown in numbers and size, the price has gone up, but we can still feed our seven for under $30, so that’s a bargin.  Moreover, everyone still loves to go, especially Steffi who loves the curly pasta with white sauce.  I’ve tried to make this at home, but it never seems to be quite the same.

Now that our family is older, they can actually sit pleasantly through a meal, and we have sometimes graduated up to Chili’s (across the street from CiCi’s).  But I’d still have to call CiCi’s “Our Place,” because that’s where all the memories are. 

(Layout:  I finally loaded my brushes into my program and tried them out here. I’m just getting the hang of using them–they are the frames.  I used papers from Shabby Princess Kristy collection, brushes are from Scrapgirls ASO Florid and JHI Christmas borders Family Special)


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  1. This layout is fab. Thought I’d stop by and say “hi”. I always look forward to seeing what you have posted and your cute stories behind your layouts. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed weekend.

    Ruth Petty

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