Turn up the Heat


maggie-swimmer-copy3Two years ago at this time, I was trying to find out a way to keep my two older kids exercising over the summer.  A friend suggested we try joining the swim team instead of taking lessons since she said, “They would learn more.”  We did.  Two years later, they are still swimming.  Our summer activity has turned into  a family lifestyle.  Maggie and Brendan swim while I do my exercising at the Y.  Christopher exercises later in the evening.  Swimming fits into our family schedule since Christopher often works late hours.

We never wanted our kids to be in sports, but we do want them to develop an attitude of keeping fit and exercising.  Swimming is a lifetime sport.  Before we joined the team, Christopher took the two kids to the Y for exercise and “made them” swim four laps.  I remember Maggie complaining about how hard that was to do.  Now she swims a about a mile about 4 times a week.  I don’t even know how many laps that is, but I know that four laps is a 200 and Maggie does a 300 as a cool-down after a race!  Both Maggie and Brendan have developed endurance and strength and an identity as swimmers. 

I like the fact that although the kids enter competitions, they are really competing against their own times in each event too.  My kids are not the top swimmers, but they can achieve success by beating their previous times.  I’ve also liked the fact that we don’t have to go to meets very often, and we get to choose when we go.  We’ve been to about six since we joined the team two years ago. 

 I am proud of their hard work and persistance at this sport, and I even enjoy the competitions and my role as cheerleader.  This summer, I’m going to continue to teach the three little ones to swim so that they can join the HEAT team too.

(layout:  I used a template #6 from


but altered it by taking out the lace around the photo and the button.  I then duplicated the circle photo mask and made it smaller so I could add two other photos to the layout.  I really like the way the focus is on Maggie’s face but the story is told in the other photos too.  The blue papers are from the freebies on this site:


These Memory Maker freebies are some of the most used ones I’ve gotten.  They are very well designed and I tend to come back to them.

The red paper comes from a MSS autumn collaboration where a lot of digital designers all work on a theme and come up with  freebies to share.  Sometimes these are for a limited time only.  I found the shop, but not that paper:



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