An Easter Sermon



Yesterday was our annual Easter egg hunt in the park with a group of friends. On the way over in the car, Steffi was worrying about her eggs.  Mollie turned to her and said, “Even if you didn’t get any candy, it doesn’t matter, because the real gift of Easter is Jesus raising from the dead.”

Not to be outdone by Mollie, Sophie added, “The Easter egg is all about new life.  When Jesus died he gave us new life.”

Steffi wanted to show that, although only five, she too was a competent theologian, “Yes! Jesus died on the cross. That was very sad.  But then he rose again! That’s a good thing.”

Indeed.  A good thing.  I think I’ve heard my Easter sermon.

(layout: Scrapgirls Pretty Primavera papers and embellishments, SBE cool basics brush, Scrapgirls Jake and Emma memories embelllishment)


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  1. I’m pretty impressed that you took photos on Saturday and have them in a layout already. Do you print these? Or just keep them digital? I’ve got a lot to learn about digital scrapbooking.

  2. Thanks for noticing! I’m really trying to keep up with scrapping the year as I go. There are probably 7-8 layouts I haven’t done yet, but I’m really excited that I’ve gotten this far. It was very strange to look through my photos of the year a while back and realize I had scrapped most of them! That is a first. It helped to choose the theme of “Our—” as kind of a unity for the year. It helped for me to get very comfortable with how to download my pictures from my camera and do just plan to do it regularly. I actually haven’t organized any of them which is starting to drive me crazy, so I have to make my folders soon. Last year I made a system of folders that works really well for me. I went through all of my digital photos (2002 onwards) and put them in the same system. So generally, I can find something I’m looking for. I don’t print photos any more unless the kids need them, but I am planning to print out my layouts in a book. but for the long term, I’m expecting that they will be passed down to my kids digitally. In fact, it was the whole idea of trying to pass down 18-19 large traditional albums to each kid that made me turn digital! Besides, this way I can give each kid a copy. We are in the process of thinking about setting up a large screen T.V. with a computer so we can view these together as a family (along with other things). I’ve also been putting together videos by transfering my old camcorder ones. It has been a huge process to transfer 13 years of videos! Yikes. And the computer I’ve used to do that just came down with a virus problem. It is in the shop now. One of the reasons I’ve not posted as often as usual this last week.

  3. I had no idea my kids did either. I’ve read them books and things, but sometimes I think kids just surprise you! I think that is good!!?

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