Family Silver



I have always loved to polish silver.  There is something wonderful about taking something tarnished and worn and seeing it become new again.  I coveted two beautiful silver pieces my mother had been given for her wedding: a two tiered tray, and a round butter server.  Polishing silver was never high on my mother’s list of chores, so she finally offered to let me have them.  When I was single, they were the pride of my silver collection, which I increased by scouring antique stores and garage sales.  Ironically, when I got married, I was given not one, but three silver tea sets!  However, I’ve never really enjoyed them during my thirteen years of preschool motherhood.  Plastic became more my style.  This weekend may have been a turning point.  While re-organizing my cupboards, I took out all the silver and on an impulse asked the girls if they’d like to polish it, with the incentive of a “real” tea party afterwards.  Even so, I really didn’t expect them to polish it all, thinking they’d get bored once they found out it was work to get off that tarnish.  They surprised me.  All four of them stuck to the task, and to celebrate our newly discovered tea set, we had a real tea with chocolate fondue.  To me, it feels like a new beginning.  I’ve been sad to lose these wonderful preschool years, but I’m beginning to see that there is another wonderful time ahead watching these four young ladies become women.

(layout: template 135, Pretty Primavera from Scrapgirls, rose and fern are my own embellishments–using the magic extracter is getting easier)


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