What has God done for you today?


gods-gift-copy1Twice this last week, I’ve heard talks about each day being a gift from God.  I’ve been thinking about that.  Some days, I seem to run through a long list of duties, feeling like I will never get the floor clean, the laundry put away, the grime off the kitchen counter and the kid’s hair washed all at the same time.  Am I thinking about God’s gift as I go? For Lent, my husband grew his hair out (to remind him of his sinfulness–symbolically cut off on Easter day), and gave up desserts.  I didn’t even know it was Lent.  I’m practical.  I get things done (somebody has to). He’s emotional and symbolic.  I don’t think too much about my sins, although I know I have them and am very repentant when they pop up in an obvious way.  My husband focuses on eliminating his sinfulness through specific spiritual exercises-the spiritual disciplines on his blog, sacred day (which he has been doing for several years now).  Do I need to be symbolic?  I’m not, frankly, passionate enough about this idea to investigate it very thoroughly, but I do have a nagging worry that perhaps I’m not focusing on this purposefully enough.  What do I do to remember God?  I pray, but it isn’t really a focused, sit down and think to God sort of prayer.  It is more along the lines of a running commentary going on in my head. For example, as I open the windows in the morning, “That sunshine coming through the window feels good.  Those flowers are so beautiful.  Look at that blue jay on the ground.  Doesn’t he know there is a cat out there.  It looks like he is finding something in the ground.  That is really amazing Lord.  You really created so many different creatures.  I am so thankful for today.”  Actually, that doesn’t really do justice to my praying, because I’ve realized that much of my prayer is emotion:  a welling up inside of gratefulness, joy, and peace.  I write next to a large window which opens up to my front yard.  Right now the wind is surging through the trees and I can see a big storm coming.  The birds and insects are silent.  My cat meanders by the window, silent and observant.  A lovely day, a lovely moment.  A gift.

(layout: SNU butterfly dream paper special, MCO Frosted 04 , stripedLLW_CATW2008_BGPaper3, SandeKrieger Blue flower, SG_Refresh_TDO word Gift)


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  1. Thanks for this… i needed it today. I’ve been feeling so scattered and rushed lately; like I’m trying to keep too many balls in the air and am not doing any of it well… and I start wondering if I’m really being effective and honoring Him with my time and energy. Anyway, this was just encouraging to me today.

  2. Thanks Carrie–and here I am thinking “Carrie is the one who really has it all together! She’s the one who is really doing something important.” I guess it is really just a matter of perspective. My husband is writing a grant to work on eliminating a major global health problem. I’m currently trying to clean out some closets. And I’m not done. Yet–closets are important. He actually spends a lot of time cleaning out things in the lab. Making order out of chaos. Hum—I wrote that and then realized that’s what God did in creation didn’t he?

  3. As usual, I love reading what you have to say….. I know as Mom sometimes I feel like I can’t do enough let alone will anybody notice what I have done at all…but you have reminded me today to thank God for allowing me to do exactly what He created me to do. Thanks!

    Ruth Petty

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