No Tooth Fairy



Finally, Mollie lost her first tooth this month.  She is  7 1/2.  I am glad for the feeling of accomplishment she achieved and also for the fact that I don’t have to pay the $140 dentist bill to have it removed like I did for Sophie (both girls had their permanent teeth grow in behind the baby ones).  Of course, as with any major event in a large family, this is an occasion for story telling.  Like the time when I caught sight of 4 year old Brendan’s face in a bathroom mirror during our morning outing at the museum, “What happened to your mouth?  Where is your tooth?”  There was a very definite space where a tooth used to be.  He thought for a moment, “I spit something out in the garage.”  Sure enough, when we got home there it was, a small, rather bloody tooth.  We saved that one, but not the one which came out shortly afterwards while he was brushing his teeth.  It went straight down the drain.  Then there was the day that both Maggie and Brendan lost a tooth on the same day.  I love the picture of them that day holding the tooth pillow between them.  Actually, it was in making this page that I found the picture of Brendan and Sophie–who could both sing, “All I want for Christmas …”  Maggie has lost all of her teeth now, along with a chip off her front tooth, which let me tell my story about being hit by a car at 13 and chipping my front teeth, which is why my front teeth are so short.  In those more primitive days, the dentist ground the teeth down to match rather than filling them in. However, it is Christopher who has the best teeth stories.  He was born with two teeth.  Usually that sort of thing reminds you of Ripley’s Believe it or Not, but it really did happen to him.  Unfortunately, they both got knocked out when he fell out of a chair as a toddler.  So he wore a tiny retainer to keep the other teeth in place.  When I was cleaning out his parent’s cabinet, I found an envelope with the two teeth and the retainer. I put it in my jewelry drawer, where I have a lot of other teeth.  For the most part they aren’t labeled and I feel kind of guilty about that; however, I’m figuring how much can it really matter whose teeth they are?  What, exactly, is a parent supposed to do with all of those teeth anyway?  Perhaps, I’ll  just hand everyone a few of them as they leave home after their wedding, “Here, these are your baby teeth!  Have a great life!” By the way, although we have plenty of tooth stories, we don’t have a tooth fairy.  Instead, everyone gets a prize from mom when they lose a tooth.  A bonus of our system is that the prizes keep on coming even when you are 13, since they don’t depend on “believing.”  Just so you know, in spite of the fact that my name is Virginia, there is no No Santa Claus or Easter bunny around here either, but that is fodder for another post.
(layout:  for some reason I had problems uploading this page, and finally gave up yesterday.  When I finally got it up today, my blog writing was gone, except for a couple of sentences stuck to the top of the page?!   Anyway, I never thought I would use this paper, but it really works for this topic.  They are from a Sugar Shoppe exhange: pandabeardesigns at  I saw that there was an April blog train of free scrapbooking supplies on this site.  These take a while but are a lot of fun.  I tried adding elements to this design but the papers were plenty busy.  I’m continuting to enjoy my new technique of journaling first, then putting together the journaling, pictures and title and finding the papers last.)

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