A great photo tells a great story.  Although my dad was a Superior Court Judge in California, he loved his grandkids and wasn’t above posing for a silly picture. He especially loved his first born grandchild Maggie.  He loved buying her cute clothes and taking her to the beach and the San Diego zoo.  Maggie was our biggest binky baby.  She is only about six months old in  this photo, but her binky fetish continued until she was past five.  For years she had not just one, but five or six binkys wrapped around her fingers at night time.  Grandpa thought she was adorable, and he was right.  Watching my dad’s love for Maggie, I felt again his love for me as his only daughter. When I left home, he whispered to me that he was proud of me, but that I should never forget that I could come home any time I needed help.  His love was not perfect in action, but it was perfect in intent.  I am full of gratitude that my dad taught me to trust in the love of my Father God.

(layout:  quick page which is actually intended for adoptive parents but I felt it fit here. Journey of the Heart Quickpage freebie, Digital Freebies melc friendship alpha and retrodiva cozy alpha)


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  1. Thanks! I’ve been smiling all day thinking about that picture. When my dad passed away, a lot of unpleasent feelings were uppermost. It has been four years now and I can remember with pleasure.

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