Make Your Own Wind



make-your-own-wind-copy1I had promised we would fly kites today, but there was absolutely no wind.  “When are we going to fly the kite mom?” she asked me early in the morning. I said, “When there is wind. Maybe when we pick the girls up from school.” Apparently, this was not a satisfactory answer.  She would repeat her question a few minutes later.  I tried to explain about wind, I tried to point out the trees were not moving.  I gave in to a preschooler’s pressure and we took the kites outside to try. No wind. The kite didn’t fly.  Steffi said, “You have to run! Let me!” She took off at top speed around the yard.  She made her own wind.  The kite flew.  We flew kites again after school with her sisters and at night all the girls ran around flying kites for dad. Trust.  Perserverence.  Making your own wind.  “For you have need of much endurance so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what was promised.  Hebrews 10: 36

(layout: template 6 from Janealscreations, papers Yvette Bright and Cheery, KPertiet and flower from Nani.  The KPertiet is the same paper I use on my blog header)


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  1. “pre-schooler’s pressure”

    That made me smile – we know all about that behaviour from our 3 year old boy! He also has ‘made his own wind’ on occasion… He was actually 2 1/2 in that video. I’ll never forget the smile creeping over my wife’s face as she aimed the camera and realized some very cute footage was going in the can!

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