Pet revelations



This year is a time for re-evaluation for me.  For instance: for the last thirteen years, I’ve said I was not a pet person.  I would tell people I had far too much work to do in raising my five blessings.  Yet lately, I’ve been the one actually suggesting we get new pets.  Christopher said to me, “I think you actually like animals.” 

Do I?  As a kid, we always had a cat or a dog.  I also had a guinea pig, a hamster, goldfish and a lot of tropical fish.  When I was a single teacher, I still had cats, and I aquired a couple of snakes (I enjoyed them a lot), a rat (great classroom pet), hermit crabs and finches.  From about five until about fourteen, I really, really wanted a horse.  As we’ve visited the pet stores recently, I’ve found myself telling the kids about all these pets and how much I enjoyed learning about them.  Looking at the cute miniature dogs also sold by Ramona the parrot lady, I even found myself thinking about getting a second dog.  Am I crazy?

Revelation: reluctantly or not, I guess I’m a pet lover after all.  Furthermore, when everyone heads off to school next year, I think I will be very glad to have the noise of the parakeet, the nuisance of the dog, and the attitude of the cat to keep me company.

(layout: The journaling on this layout came from my previous post on Budgies.  I liked what I had written and wanted a layout to match. Template 137, paper: retrodiva tweet-tweet, embellishments marialafrance-friendship birdies)


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