dead man polling


Earlier this week I got a phone call from a woman who asked for “Michael.”  Knowing from the tone of her voice and the hum in the background that this was one of those impersonal calls, I assumed she’d gotten my husband’s middle name wrong and just said, “He isn’t here,” which was the truth.  Of course, I was expecting her to go on and do her pitch, but this time she actually just said, “Thank you,” and hung up.  Only after I put the phone in the receiver did I realize that she was probably calling for my deceased father-in-law, who I realized, was also “not here,” just in a different way.  Satisfied with my joke, I forgot the call. 

Until today, when Christopher got another phone call.  I could hear both sides of the conversation and recognized the voice.  Christopher correctly recognized that she was asking for his father and mentioned that he was deceased.  Then he noted that he was his father’s guardian and could help her if she had any business she needed to discuss.  “No,” she replied, “I’m just calling from Senator—–‘s office.  We are taking a poll on opinions about the pro-life debate. ” 

What does a deceased man think about pro-life issues?  That’s a poll worth hearing about.


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