dash and daring



Our cat, Sweetpea, is not a ferocious fighter.  In fact, she prefers to spend most of her days lounging on a towel inside a plastic box in our garage.  She is still a young cat, though, and can dash up a tree, or make the squirrels so worried they chatter at her endlessly as she walks by.  Nevertheless, we were very surprised to see one day recently that she had “treed” another cat, who was meowing pitifully.  Slashing her tail back and forth, Sweetpea looked proudly around, hoping we would notice her conquest.  I suppose everyone needs a little dash and daring now and then.

(layout: Quickpage from Retrodiva birds of a feather freebee, alphas from Retrodiva cozy alpha and shabby princess.com Frestival alpha, KSC organic charm, nani button)


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