Sofa in the Hall, part 2



Quite a while back, I told the story of how our new sofa got stuck in the hallway, halfway to its destination:  our bedroom.  Due to some unforseen problems with the furniture company’s delivery procedures, it was stuck there for a week.  We got used to using the bathroom that came before the sofa (I had to stock it with lots of extra toilet paper) and with stepping over the sofa to get into the bedrooms beyond it.  I discovered that I really didn’t need much from my bedroom for most of the day anyway.  Finally, Friday arrived and the magic sofa extractor men took five minutes to move it into the right place.

Voila!  End of story.  Except it wasn’t.  The more we sat on the sofa the more we thought about how uncomfortable it was for working with a laptop (the main purpose for the couch was to replace a desk).  The more we looked at the sofa, the more we thought about how it was the wrong color.  We phoned.  They assured us the magic couch extractor guys could indeed take that couch out and give us a new one.  We just had to decide which one we wanted.  Just that.

We went back to the store.  Sure enough, we liked the couch we had more than any of the others.  So why was it so wrong in our house?

Chris had decided he wanted a reclining couch.  There weren’t many choices.  We finally settled on a light beige one which, frankly, looked like a very ugly color to me, but Christopher declared it to be the most comfortable.  Comfort–that was a criteria I could hold onto.

Miraculously, the couch guys were able to do the switch in just one visit.  Gingerly, we tried out the new couch.  It looked great, it felt great.  It was just the right color.  Who could have guessed?

(layout: papers are BMU Chronicles from Scrapgirls, DCDesigns Friendship from digital freebees, Alpha is CJS Vineyard cardboard alpha, Family frame brush from scrapgirls, winner token from scrapgirls and green swirl element is from blue and green spring kit from digital freebees)


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I think it’s SOOO sweet you’re going to make quilts with your daughters. I love that idea. My first mission trip to China was with AHH… what a great organiztion. Blessings.

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