Goldfish Heaven


goldfish-heaven-copyWhy is it that five year olds have spiritual questions that none of my previous Bible readingevolution in the Bible, or even the problem of evil and suffering.  Instead, while riding in the car listening to Larry singing, “Oh, Where is my Hairbrush?” I get this question from the far left carseat at the back of the van, “Mom, did Jesus come down and take the goldfish up to heaven?”

We have a problem with the goldfish.  I admit it was my idea to try and see if feeder goldfish (feeder, as in, they are sold for 10 cents to feed to your snake) could survive in the pretty blue birdbath by our front door.  They didn’t.  Or at least the first batch didn’t when I changed the water. All nine of them went bottoms up the next day.  So I’ve been more careful with the second batch, but as of yesterday, we only have four out of nine left. 

I always tell my kids I will not lie to them about anything.  I will always tell the truth (hence no tooth fairy or Santa Claus).  Moreover, I try to be as theologically accurate as I can.  I’m just not sure where to go on this question.  I answer anyway,  “I don’t think Jesus is taking them to heaven.  They died.”  Steffi replied,  “Then Jesus took them to heaven?” I try again: “Actually, I just sort of scooped them up and put them in the flower bed.” 

Steffi:  “You buried them?”

Me:  “uh…Yeah.”

Steffi:  “Then Jesus took them to heaven!  He’s a good guy.”

I guess I’ll just have to go with that.

(layout: ASharrow Friendship paper 1 and 2, JHD playtime words paper, joyful heart designs orange paper, AGE friendship flower, joyful heart designs fiber)


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  1. They just need some oxygen. Stir up the water or when you add the treated water, drop it in from really high and it will add oxygen to the water. 🙂 We killed a lot of goldfish. They definitely don’t like Waco/Woodway water.

  2. Thanks for the idea. Actually, we are down to one goldfish as of this afternoon. I really thought this would work since we once had a goldfish live in a waterbarrel for over a year. Another possiblity is that birds are actually USING the birdbath and killing the fish. Anyway–I will try your suggestion and maybe one more round of goldfish!

  3. The water in the birdbath gets too hot for them to live. There’s not much water, and it’s shallow – meaning significant daily temp variations. A rain barrel is deep, and the temp doesn’t have major changes through the course of the day; the changes are gradual.

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