our junior cooks


our-junior-cooks-copyLately, my kids have been wanting to cook with me.  Sometimes, I’m quite impatient to get something made as quickly as possible and I just want to shoo them away.  However, I know I need to let them learn.  My mom let me take over most of the baking when I was about eight.  Sophie and Mollie are almost that age.    So when I decided to make a coffee cake for no particular reason last Sunday afternoon, I decided to let them make it with me and take as long as they wanted.  Sophie measured and Mollie mixed the batter.  I let them choose the filling and walked away for a few minutes when they were awkwardly attempting to put the batter in the pan.  “The worst would be a mess to clean up, ” I reasoned.  A few minutes later, Sophie came over.  “Would you get the batter out?”  she asked, “Its too hard for me.”  She skipped away to play, leaving me to finish up and think.  I want to remember:  focus on the process, not the end result; let them try new things without fear of failing; be there to help and clean up the mess that comes with learning.

(layout: DC Designs Boy Crazy QP3, MAD Gather special, Springfresh Alpha)


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