becoming a texan


cowgirl boots copy

All throughout my second trip to China, I was introducing myself as living in Texas but actually being a Californian. Someone finally asked, “How long have you lived in Texas?” 

“Fourteen years,” I said. 

He laughed, “Admit it! You’re a Texan!” 

Even if I never really understand the Alamo, or memorize the six flags that flew over Texas, I am glad to live here and especially glad to raise my children in this state.  It didn’t take long to find out that if you are a kid in Texas, you’d better have a cowboy outfit.  We’ve bought several second-hand boots and anyone who can fit into them is welcome to wear them.  Texas two-step, here we come!

(layout: MarialaFrance Harvest halloween solid, joyful heart designs plain jane brown string, joyful heart designs friendship paper 3, ams dsd freebie flowerclip, frame1bymanu70)


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