Can Christians believe in Evolution?


Fossil Hunt 2 copy



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  1. I’d like to read these books – so thanks for the post!

    Also, Dion just got orders and we are off to Ohio August 10th. Im so sad! Will miss everyone here!

  2. Oh Autumn! We will miss you. I know that when you first came you said that you often have to move without much warning. My husband’s relatives live in Cleveland and so we’ve visited there a bit. I’m sure you will enjoy the cooler weather in August!

  3. the way I believe with this subject is that the six days of creation are really six periods of time. But you know, a day to us is perceived differently in the heavens. I then believe that we do have evolution but it is my divine design. Our father in heaven created the earth just how he needed it to be and if he wanted to experiment with dinosaurs first then good for him (ok, I’m not saying that is true.) I do not believe that humans came from fish or anything bizarre like that. I can’t even picture that working. So I believe in evolution by divine design.

  4. Dear Virginia,
    I am enjoying your blogs so very much. God has truly given you a gift of communication thru writing. I too grew up thinking like you and have spent my adult life trying to make sense of it all. Thank you for your words today. Thank you for the recommendation of books. I will look those up.
    Blessings, Renee

  5. Thanks Renee! I so appreciate your life well lived. Sometimes, my husband and I don’t like to talk too much about these issues, because they are not the important ones. Living a sacrificial life for others–as you have–is really what our life in Christ is all about. Yet, I think that some of these intellectual issues can make us doubt God–or wonder if the Bible is true.

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