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As a mom, sometimes I feel that everything about me belongs to my family: my time, my energy, my attention, and even my body (since someone is always pulling on some part of it).  Throughout motherhood, I’ve created space for myself through creative cooking, crafts, Bible reading and studying history and theology.  However, during my 14 years as a mom of preschoolers, I’d given up parts of my former, non-mom life.  This last year, as I move out of preschool motherhood, I’ve begun to reclaim that part of me that liked to read Victorian novels, and enjoyed art.  I started by creating an art space above my computer of things that are about me and also by starting this blog.  We are getting ready to remodel that room and I’m ready to move on to a neater stage, but I wanted to record my attempts to bring back a part of me I’d given up for a while in order to better nurture my family.

(layout: For a long time, I’ve read about how great brushes are and how you can use filters to get different effects.  I tried some out on this page and I actually figured out how to do them without getting completely frustrated!  Purple is not a color I ever wear (I never wear pink either) but I saw a wonderful purple and green layout on Scrapgirls and have been wanting to use those colors together for a while. Now I may end up buying the Ophelia kit that uses those colors. By the way, the reason I list the digital items I use on each layout is that most of the designers put that requirement in their use agreements.  Most of what I use I got for free or very inexpensively.  If you like something, you can probably find it by typing the name in Google.  Papers: dcouturefirendship paper2, Green with swirls Embrace LifeSandeKriegerMemoryMakers, P15Rapunzel, Retrodiva Cozy lace Ribbon, AGE Friendship flower, EH Sunflower (recolored and enhanced), Retrodiva Be Free overlay, my own fern element)


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