Cleaning Out


We are in the middle of purging, cleaning and renovating our house.  So of course everything is a mess, since my method of organizing/cleaning is to take EVERYTHING out and then sort through it before putting things back together.  I’ve been working on this for about 2 months now and I actually only have Maggie’s room and my paper scrapbooking supplies left to conquer.  Today I finished Maggie’s closet, which only leaves her shelves (no small task since this involves moving furniture too).

Some days, I just can’t do any more.  I’m exhausted and my brain is too.  Brendan said today, “I thinking is really the hardest work we do.”  To some extent, I think that is right.  It isn’t really that hard to pull things out of a cupboard, but it is very hard to try to sort through them, to figure out what to keep and what to give away.  Even more difficult is coming up with a system for keeping everything accessible.  One task that took two days was going through my two neat boxes of “memoribilla” which I had saved for scrapbooking.  Actually, those boxes where one of the things that most dragged me down since I realized I never was going to manage to scrapbook all of the travel brochures, birthday cards, school certificates and other things people in the family would hand me saying, “Put this in the scrapbook.”

Finally, I decided to buy 7 1 1/2 inch binders–one for every family member.  Then I took out all those file folders and sorted what really could be thrown away from what we might want to keep.  I punched holes in what was left and put it in the binder.  I used page protectors for things that couldn’t be hole punched. 

 If the purpose of a scrapbook is to make the memories available to be seen, then I’ve gotten these memories much more accessible than they’ve been for the past 5 years.  In fact, everyone in the family has taken time to look at theirs.  Voila!  Those boxes are scrapbooked!


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