video moments


How many of you have old home videos that are buried somewhere?  Preserving family history, I’m discovering, has two parts: taking the pictures and videos, and making those available to be seen.   Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to do that and I’ve found digital scrapbooking lets me do it even easier and faster.  However, I’ve often noticed how much more riviting video can be when we manage to dust off those old tapes.  In order to share family events, I’d transferred most of our tapes to VCR, but on my trip to China in 2004, I talked to one of my fellow travelers and learned that my older tapes may actually be deteriorating after 10 years.  So, I went about getting the right computer equipment to transfer my tapes to DVD.  That involved getting a new camcorder first which transferred from analog to digital.  Then I saved for two years to get a computer able to handle video editing.  Then I had to have firewire put in the computer when I realized I had no way to connect my camcorder to it.  Finally, I had to learn how to do all the transferring and burning to DVD.  It took me a while and the time involved in the process was daunting.  I kept on stopping and then forgetting how to do it.  My goal for the summer is to finally finish transferring all the tapes and making two copies: one for home and one for Chris to archive at work.   I still have probably 30 hours of tapes to go.  Will we ever watch all of those tapes?  Believe me, we could do with fewer “dancing in the living room” minutes on those tapes.  Yet some of the moments captured are so very precious, like Sophie and Mollie playing together as one year olds.  I watched that this week and marveled at how very, very busy they were.  Hint: there are a lot of scenes when they are somehow confined in a crib, a playpen or with a child door.  I told Christopher that I got a little exhausted looking at those videos.  It was only six years ago, but I’m not sure I’d have the energy to take care of one year old twins now.  Yet it was such a magical time.  We felt so very blessed to be the parents of these two.  We still do.  I hope that these videos will always be able to bring me back to those moments in time when God’s blessing was very strongly upon us, reminding us of his great goodness and love.


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