my pot


my pot copy

I am a saver, not a spender, even though I’m happily going through my “stuff” and trying to get rid of things we don’t really use.  However, if I have something I really like, I will use it until it is used up.  As I got ready to throw out this pot, I just had to take a picture, it has been such a faithful companion to me through my married life.   Nothing in this life lasts forever, but this layout reminds me that some of the things which most enhance my life are simple things: a pot, my broom, a spray bottle of water, and plenty of rags.  Things that allow me to do my job more easily, make my living space clean, and my food well-prepared.  I have written letters to different children I’ve sponsored through Compassion over the years.  On the surface, it seems that our lives are so very different.  Yet when I’ve talked about the things which really matter most to us–our families, the natural world where we live, and the Bible–I find that the core of what makes our lives beautiful is very much alike.  I want to try to remember to focus on these real and important things, and not be distracted by the things which will not last forever.

(Layout: BS intensity Quickpage, Doodles  2 and 3 by Sommerblume, EH round stitches)


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