God’s art room


As I was driving the kids home from swim team the other day, we saw a brilliant cloud with the sun behind it and rays of light streaming out.  “Is that heaven?” asked Steffi.  Another complicated theological question.  Where is heaven exactly?

I don’t remember what I ended up saying, something about God being outside the universe of space, time and matter.  He created all of that, so he must be outside it.

Later, I thought of a much better answer.  “That isn’t where God lives, that’s where he makes pictures.  The sky is God’s art room.”  I’ve been enjoying God’s sky art lately.  Sometimes beautiful white puffy clouds on a bright blue sky.  Sometimes massive black rain clouds on one side of the horizon with fierce streams of rain coming toward the ground.  Often, on the other side of the sky there are soft streams of white clouds with the sun peeping out.  The song talks about the sky at night being “big and bright” deep in the heart of Texas.  Well, the sky during the day is big and bright too, and the variations of clouds, rain and weather make better sky art than I saw growing up in smoggy Southern California.  I’m enjoying the show.

“The heavens declare the glory of God.”


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