Where Have I been?


Working.  On the job.  I’m a full-time mom in the summer with everyone home.  On top of my usual responsibilities, we’ve been doing a lot of home renovation.  I’ve figured out a unique way to deal with popcorn ceilings, for one thing. I’ll post some pictures and give the technique later.  My other major accomplishment was putting together 22 cabinets for my kitchen, as well as 13 cabinets for my living room, laundry and craft room.  Again, pictures and story will followo–it may not be until fall when everyone goes back to school.  

It has been hectic but fun.  We’ve been swimming almost every day and all three of the little ones are now very good swimmers.  We are aiming to have at least Sophie and Mollie join the swim team over the next year.  Steffi is not far behind them though.  She is fearless off the diving board.

I did actually print out all of my digital pages into an 8×8 inch shutterfly book.  The colors are wonderful and the whole thing printed out very well, but I will have to watch my text at the edge of pages.  It is a pleasure to watch the family pour over the book.  Making memories, recording them and sharing them.  Right now I’m in the memory making business!


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