Chinese Mothers, orphans and aprons


When I traveled to adopt Steffi.  I went with eight other families who adopted girls all about the same age, from the same small orphanage in the middle of China.  That group gets together several times each year, but I live too far to go very often.  I am going to miss them this next weekend when they get together to celebrate our girl’s birthdays.  On our yahoo group, we’ve been talking about our daughter’s Chinese birth mothers and the sorrow we feel for them.  My friend Carrie, who works with orphans in China, has been blogging about this same issue:

http://jacobandcarr ie.blogspot. com/2009/ 11/taking- her-place. html

Carrie is an amazing writer and I love following her blog.  Her depth of feeling and insight into the lives of the people around her is a good reminder of the heart of God.  I almost wrote, “Carrie is an amazing person,” but I erased that because the truth is Carrie is a regular person with an irregular God and she chooses to let him live in her and through her in both her weaknesses and strengths.  That is why I love her.

The orphanage they work in takes care of special needs children, especially ones with heart problems.  I often see the pictures of the kids and wish we could adopt again.  Yet even though I can’t add another blessing to my life (five in the home is the current Chinese limit and we are also approaching the age limitations for adoption), I can pray.  I can stand in the gap and pray for a child until they have a parent to pray for them.

Carrie and her husband have wanted to do more, so they have also launched a micro enterprise for some women in their village to make aprons and their site is here:
> http://www.scarlett shop.html

Thanks Carrie and Jacob!




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