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My latest hobby is writing for HubPages.   I had written a few information articles here on my blog and found I’d gotten a lot of web traffic for them.  So I looked into writing articles online and saw several different sites set up for that.  I chose to write for Hubpages because I liked the articles written by other people and the fact that Hubpages is set up to be an online community.  That means that a lot of people in Hubpages read and comment on each other’s work.  I’ve really enjoyed getting to know the other “Hubbers.”  Plus, I’ve gotten over 2,000 people reading my posts in just two months.   It took over a year to get that many people reading my blog.  Here is my link to Hubpages

Hey, maybe you would like to write for HubPages too!  Hubpages is designed for writers to be able to easily share information and “how to” articles.  I bet you have something to share that other people would like to know about.  Why don’t you join HubPages and tell us about it?  It’s easy to join and get started.  Just click the following link to join!:


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