Selling Used Legos on Bricklink


Brendan had been bugging me to let him start his own business selling his used Lego sets on Bricklink.  I very reluctantly agreed and helped his set up the account.  To my surprise, his store sold out fast!  I guess there are more Lego fans than I thought.  One set he’d bought at Marshalls for $20 sold for $300!  When I started writing for hubpages, I asked him to write up his tips for how to have a successful business as a 13 year old Lego fan.  We ended up writing two hubs together.   The first one is about how to actually sell used Legos online:

The second one is for parents.  It explains how to help kids start an online business:

Actually, I had a really great time talking with Brendan as we worked together to write these hubs.  Now I need to write a hub about how to collaborate with your kids in writing projects!

In writing the hubs, I also learned a lot about how Brendan prepared for this business, and understood why he had been so insistent that I help him.  I learned that actually he had done a lot of marketing research in pricing his pieces (without ever having taken a course on this!) so that he was selling items that were cheaper than any others available.  After tossing around a lot of ideas, he named his store “Xtreme Brick Bargains” which was both edgy and a clue that he was giving good deals.  After about six months, he had actually sold out almost everything in the store and earned $900!  The last item sold recently to someone in Ireland and Brendan decided to close his store for now because he doesn’t want to sell anything else.  But at least we are ready when he decides to get rid of more of his rather extensive Lego inventory!


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