I’ve created many step by step science fair instructions to help parents and students make easier, better science fair projects. All of these are original experiments designed by me (a teacher) and my husband (a science professor).

Along with including complete instructions, I give videos which help kids understand the scientific concepts and photos to show you how to do the experiment and put the board together.  I’m adding new experiments all time time so you may want to bookmark and check back.

Parent Help for Science Fair Projects

Here is my overview of doing a science fair experiment and board (with help for parents and teachers):


Here is a beginning experiment which also shows parents how to help their kids do an experiment.  This one is also very good for classroom instruction in science experiments and I tell you how to do it:

Which Boat Can Float?  Foil boats on water in different shapes (teaches water surface tension and buoyancy):


Which Chewing Gum lasts the longest?


Which Chocolate Chip tastes the Best?


Dice Rolling and Probability


Arches and Domes? How many books can eggshells hold? Can you make a sugar cube arch without glue?


For upper elementary, Junior High and High School:

Growing Microbes on Potato Sucrose Gelitan


How does Salt Affect Seed Germination?

My daughter’s prize winning experiment on how radish seeds react to salt water:


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