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Art Car–or Making Do part 2


   Making do also requires creativity and work.  My husband has a 17 year old white Previa which has almost 200,000 miles on it.   We bought it in 1992 for $7,000 when it has 80,000 miles.  Many times we’ve thought about replacing it with another used car, but because it continues to run pretty well and doesn’t need many repairs, we’ve ended up deciding to keep it.  Last week, Chris asked our mechanic Joey what he thought about trying to go another 7 years.  “Great idea,” said Joey, while waving to a friend who was driving by in a 1930s Ford.  Of course,the Ford is now a classic and it is hard to imagine our Previa ever entering that category. 

       However, we have considered turning it into an “art car.”  Our ideas?  Paint black spots and make it into a cow.  Put on a tail and whiskers and make it a catfish.  Add a spout and call it a Beluga.  Red and Black spots and antenae to make it a ladybug?   Our latest idea is to turn it into a lime green and  blue race car.  Chris has planned for lime green shag carpet and furry blue seat covers.  We’d tell people that we are entering the Mini-Van Grand Prix.   Maybe we can even get a corporate sponsor like Huggies or “Family Fun Magazine.”

      Of course we owe the Art Car idea to my sister-in-law, Caroline, who scans the news for odd and interesting tidbits to pass on to us in emails.  She sent us a link to the Art Car parade in Houston.  If you want to see for yourself, ere is a Google image site for Art cars:

     So–we are open to suggestions!  What sort of “Art” can we make out of this car?Previa moving our old striped couch

Now we actually have asked a couple of friends who work on cars professional about painting, but the Art Car website says even craft acrylic is O.K.  Obviously, the Art Car bunch has a different set of standards.