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China Adoption Friends


2008-606.Steffi was adopted with eight other girls from the same orphanage.  We’ve kept in touch as the girls have grown up and try to take group photos at least every other year.  We love these China friends.  I’ve written some poems about the girls published on hubpages:


Here they are in China.  Steffi is third from the left, wearing a the dazed look and a red sweater.


Like Twins

Sophie (1) and Mollie (1), one month after they met

Sophie (1) and Mollie (1), one month after they metWe have been blessed to have had the chance to have twins, not by birth but by adoption.  I’ve written the story of our journey to having “like twins” on hubpages:
After researching this, I was astonished to find out how many people had built a family with like twins.  In fact, on the trip I took to adopt Mollie, I traveled with another family who was adopting a daughter who was only 7 months different in age from a daughter they had domestically adopted. Most like twins seem to come from two adopted siblings, but ourw was an adoption and a birth child.  I went to high school with six sets of twins and always wanted twins of my own.  I never birthed twins, but I’ve been blessed by these sisters by choice.  They are blessed by one another too!Sophie, Steffi and Mollie 2008

My twins